The farmers of Karditsa set up a road block on the E-65 at noon

The farmers of Karditsa set up a road block on the E-65 at noon

Call to the farmers from the United Federation of Agricultural Associations of the prefecture of Karditsa, to block the roundabout of the E-65 highway with tractors at 12 noon

At 12 noon the farmers of Karditsa prefecture decided to set up “block” with a tractor at the roundabout of the E-65 motorway.

They are protesting high production costs, low cotton prices and the new CAP to be implemented from 1/1/2023.

The United Federation of Agricultural Associations of the prefecture of Karditsa (EOASK) at call addressed to farmers, states that “oil exceeded 2 euros several times in the growing season. Agricultural electricity from 0.07 cents/kwh tripled, animal feed, fertilizers, etc., doubled. That’s why we ask for tax-free oil, a generous subsidy on supplies, a ceiling on rural electricity at 0.07 cents/kwh. To operate the lignite units, to abolish the energy exchange, the trading of pollutants and the taxes. At the same time, whatever expectations there were for satisfactory prices, for example in cotton, were taken away by the stock market and the ginners for this year.

She is the “free market” which are preached and do not allow guaranteed prices based on production costs and a subsistence income as we claim so that our production reaches the popular consumption cheaply and healthily.

At the same time, several colleagues have seen, at the mercy of satellite, cuts in subsidies and “denitrification” programs, while the new CAP also provides for reduced aid. We claim immediate payment of debtors and income replenishment.
We cannot accept that the fiscal conditions are enough to give an average budget (which we pay), 370 million euros for oil to shipowners, clinicians, hoteliers and to us 68 million euros for one time this year, since the SYRIZA government had it cut in 2016.

We cannot accept that out of the 70 billion euros of the Recovery Fund (the new extra-memorandum of the EU, which we will again pay), the farmers will get crumbs, as happened with the corona subsidies, which from the 32 billion. euros that the state fed the business groups, the hundreds of thousands of farmers, got only 350 million euros, i.e. 1%. All this shows that the governments, industrialists, merchants, banks, etc., who exploit our labor and production, are against us.

They must feel our determination and strength to realize that our demands must be met. This will not happen with rage in coffee shops, nor with revolutionary crowns from keyboards, and much less with inaction.

That is why we call on you, anger and indignation to become organization and competitive participation in the action. To work collectively and unitedly to demand: cost-based pricing and a subsistence incometo reduce production costs, replenish lost income and pay debtors immediately, for 100% compensation from ELGA, for infrastructure and irrigation projects, etc., so that we can continue to produce”.

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