The presidents of the Roma ask for calmness after the dispute between the investigator and the prosecutor – Video


“We will introduce any new evidence we have in order to prove our allegations” was the first statement from the family’s lawyer after the decision

They made statements after the policeman’s apology and the decision to house arrest the police officer who shot the 16-year-old, after the prosecutor-investigator disagreementthe Roma presidents.

Specifically, the president of the “Alexander the Great” Roma Federation, Panagiotis Sambanis, and the President of the Thessaly Roma Federation spoke.

The first spoke of an attempt to cover up and the second emphasized that they do not accept the decision.

They asked the Roma to return home without creating incidents.

The President of the Roma Confederation Vassilis Pantzos said: “We respect Greek justice. Today it does not belong, today is not a court, it is an investigative process. This case will continue, there will be courts, appeals courts, Supreme Court and it may have to go to the European Court. We are on the side of the family…we are here to prevent the situation from getting out of hand and to ensure social peace.”

The first reaction of a family lawyer

Immediately after the decision to place the defendant under house arrest, the family’s lawyer, Theofilos Alexopoulos, stated:

“There was a disagreement between the investigator and the prosecutor regarding the outcome of the interrogation, whether or not the defendant will be remanded in custody. This dispute will be resolved by the judicial council. We will introduce any new evidence we have in order to prove our claims.”

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