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“I felt like I had eaten a knife”: Dionysis Savvopoulos “apologises” for the cancellation of his concerts due to COVID


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“I apologize – numbly -“: Dionysis Savvopoulos “apologizes”, as if he didn’t have to, because, as he says, he “ruined the public’s weekend”

After his diagnosis with coronavirus and the postponement of his concerts at the Concert Hall, the Dionysis Savvopoulos proceeded to post on Facebook.

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The popular songwriter was preparing for the dress rehearsal when he discovered he was positive for the virus. In this context, his scheduled performances on Saturday 10 and Sunday 11 December, titled “I was born in Thessaloniki”, are temporarily cancelled.

In a post on his personal Facebook account, the modest artist “apologizes”, as he shouldn’t, because as he says he “ruined the audience’s weekend”, pointing out that the new dates for his concerts will soon be announced.

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Specifically, he wrote: “SORRY. I felt as if I had been stabbed. Everything was ready and one day before the generale I was brought down by this covid! To the audience who may have been disappointed that I ruined their weekend, I apologize – witheringly -. I didn’t want it. I also apologize to the Concert Hall for upsetting the program. While waiting for the new dates, I also want to apologize to all the partners who have been fighting for so many days to make something nice and good: from my friend Miltos Logiadis, from the brilliant choirs of the Municipality of Athens and of course, from my beloved historical symphony orch. of Hellenic Radio. Sorry Katerina. Sorry Fotis. Yours, Dionysis Savvopoulos.”

The post of Dionysis Savvopoulos

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