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Trikala: Lacouva “swallowed” a farm car


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Another incredible accident occurred today in the “heart” of the city of Trikala when a car fell into a puddle.

According to the report, the incident took place on Saturday morning on Nikotsaras and Athanasiou Diakos streets in Manavika, when the driver of the rural vehicle was on the move and suddenly the road surface gave way, resulting in him finding himself in the … void!

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The car was from the company that carries out natural gas projects in the wider area of ​​Trikala and the driver, fortunately, was not injured.

There was damage to the storm drain – Immediate intervention by DEVAT

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At the same time, DEVAT intervened immediately as the road surface gave way and a lot of damage was caused to the storm drain.

The competent workshop undertook the restoration of the damage.

Potholes are not only an unusual phenomenon for Trikala and because the damage has been done, the Municipality of Trikkaia should both take responsibility for the maintenance of the road network, as well as …tighten the leash on the contractors.

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