Crete: Brothers played punches for a… deposit


The situation in incidents of domestic violence has escaped for good in Crete and another incident that happened on Sunday night in Pateles confirms the consolidated situation.

The incident happened on Komninon Street when, according to the complaint made to Cretalive by the victim himself, a 41-year-old man accepted the attack of his two brothers, aged 57 and 35 literally for a trivial reason.

As he described to us in the apartment building where the 41-year-old lives with his 40-year-old wife and their 16-year-old child, the father of the family also lives on the top floor, while the other two brothers live in Delina. The three brothers were in the same place and when some work was being done on the roof of their father’s house, for some reason the water tank overflowed.

The eldest brother of the family, he blamed the brother’s wife and he began – according to the complaints – to curse her, as a result of which her husband intervened and there began a wild fight, with blows to the detriment of mainly the woman but also her husband and even their 16-year-old child, from the other two brothers.

In fact, there were so many blows against the woman by her two brothers-in-law that it was necessary to transport her by ambulance to PAGNI while her husband is waiting for the medical examiner’s paper in order to file a lawsuit against his two brothers

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