The super lottery of 100,000 euros has taken place – See if you won


12 lucky taxpayers will receive 100,000 euros each

The first big annual – public – tax lottery draw took place today, with which 12 lucky taxpayers will receive 100,000 euros each. In addition, 83 tax-paying citizens won 1,000 euros each and the amounts come from the unused prizes of previous draws.

From the beginning of the year until today, a total of 11 draws were held and for 10 of them, 5,412 taxpayers have been given the total amount of 8,816,000 euros. The amounts of the last two draws, i.e. the 11th and 12th, will be paid to the beneficiaries by the end of the year.

For the payment of the reward, a necessary condition is that the taxpayer has declared his bank account in IVAN format on the AADE website (, in the myAADE option – “Register & Contact” – IBAN Account Statement.

Taxpayers who won today’s draw and are TAXISnet certified will be notified immediately by message to their myAADE inbox and via email. In case it is established that some of the winners have not declared their IVAN, AADE will also contact them by phone.

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