Clarity: The decision on the payment of the military’s night work has been posted


How will military personnel be paid on night shifts?

The decision on the upper limit of night working hours of the Armed Forces executives for the payment of the special compensation.

The decision of the Minister of National Defense and the Deputy Minister of Finance was posted today in Diaugia, which determines the maximum number of hours of night work as well as the terms and conditions of granting the special compensation per hour of night work to the military personnel of the Armed Forces. The validity of the decision starts from 01/01/2023.

According to the decision:

The upper limit of night work hours for the payment of special compensation of two euros and seventy-seven cents (2.77 Euro) per hour of night work to the military personnel of the Armed Forces (AF) who are proven to work during night hours (hereinafter : special compensation) is determined as follows:

a. In twenty-eight (28) hours for executives who perform five (5) or more services per month,

b. At twenty-one (21) hours for executives who perform four (4) services per month,

c. At fifteen (15) hours for executives who perform three (3) services per month,

d. At ten (10) hours for executives who perform two (2) services per month,

e. At five (5) hours for executives who perform one (1) service per month and

f. At four (4) hours for Air Force officers who perform one (1) duty per quarter.

Compensable hours of night work cannot exceed a total of 738,653 per month, i.e. 438,972 hours for GES military personnel, 172,400 hours for GEN military personnel and 127,281 hours for GEA military personnel.

The special compensation is granted to the permanent executives of the E.D. for night work that takes place as part of a twenty-four-hour scheduled shift with an overnight stay.

Night work means work provided between 10:00 p.m. and 06:00 a.m.

Special compensation is not paid:

a. To those serving or training abroad.

b. To those traveling for service or training or training or on special ships, as long as in these cases they receive a daily allowance away from home, full or reduced.

c. To the students of productive schools of the ED, who perform services in the context of their military training, to those who are in a state of war availability or war retirement, to the cadet reserve officers and the short-term reassignment soldiers.

d. To the participants in exercises, night trainings and other extraordinary activities in the context of operational readiness, as well as in extraordinary services lasting less than twenty-four hours that include night work.

e. To the executives who work on a rolling schedule, for work they provide as part of their night schedule.

In order to establish that the conditions for the payment of the special compensation are met, at the beginning of each month all the units or services of the E.D. submit to the services responsible for the changes in the salary of the military personnel of each Branch, nominal statements signed by the head of the relevant unit or service or his legal deputy, with the required data for the twenty-four-hour overnight services performed during the previous month.

The special compensation is paid to the beneficiaries on the basis of the salary statements together with the other emoluments of the military personnel.

Special compensation is subject to income tax and all statutory withholdings as determined by applicable laws.

The annual burden on the state budget amounts to 24,552,823 euros for the year 2023, as well as for each of the following years of the M.P.D.S. (Medium-term Fiscal Strategy Program), which is broken down as follows: GES 14,591,430 euros, GEN 5,730,576 euros and GEA 4,230,817 euros, and will be covered by the appropriations that will be entered in the budgets of each year of the General Projects


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