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Volos: A man who threatened to kill his wife was arrested


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A 33-year-old man is being held pending trial on Thursday in court

For threatening, verbal abuse, causing domestic bodily harm and theft a 33-year-old man is accused, who was arrested on New Year’s Day after being sued by his ex-partner.

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The episode happened ten minutes after the time change and the woman was forced into a neighboring house, while the accused caused damage to the front door of the woman’s mother’s house. The 33-year-old also faces charges of disturbing the peace and damaging foreign property if the 40-year-old’s mother files a lawsuit against him.
The 33-year-old man was taken yesterday to the Automatic Three-member Court of Misdemeanors, the trial was adjourned for Thursday, so that the woman could be examined by the doctors of the Hospital and until then he remains a prisoner, as he violated a condition of the Court not to approach his 40-year-old ex-partner.
In the Volos Three-Member Court of Misdemeanors testified the 40-year-old woman, who said that it all started on New Year’s Eve, when her ex-boyfriend sent abusive messages on her cell phone and asked her to have a night out together.
According to the woman, the defendant threatened and abused her, saying “I will bury you, I will cut your throat, I will go to your house in Trikeri and burn it” and similar things.
The plaintiff testified, she would not answer him and he allegedly threatened to go to her house and break it down. Ten minutes after the time change the 40-year-old heard cracking sounds from the ground floor, realizing that the 32-year-old was there causing damage.
As she told the Court, the 40-year-old woman was afraid and jumped into the yard of a neighboring house, in order to escape the wrath of her ex-partner. Later when the man left he found that he had damaged the front door and a shutter.
She went to the police and filed a complaint against him, but the episode continued…

At New Year’s Evewhile the 40-year-old mother and a family friend were trying to fix the door, the 32-year-old re-entered the house through an open balcony door.
The woman tried to leave, but turned to get her cell phone, with the man catching up to her and pushing her onto the couch.
According to her, he fell on her and threw her five or six punches to the head, while the woman was trying to protect herself with her hands.
Her mother and family friend heard the commotion entering the living room asking the man to leave the woman alone and leave the house. The accused also allegedly grabbed her mobile phone from her hands and put it in his pocket. After the blows, the 32-year-old tried to leave with the 40-year-old grabbing him by the hood of his shirt, without being able to hold him, until the Police arrived.
The 32-year-old managed to escape and the 40-year-old went to the Police again and filed another lawsuit against him.
The woman told the Court that the incident was one of the many that the perpetrator has caused, while restrictive measures have even been issued against him.
The district attorney suggested that the case be adjourned until next Thursday, as the 40-year-old woman had to provide a medical certificate certifying the damage caused by the defendant’s punches.
The alleged perpetrator claimed that he has photographic evidence that proves that the 40-year-old chases him and often asks him to meet for coffee, and he even paid for the pizza he ordered while he was in custody in front of the autobahn…
The Court decided to granted a postponement, with the 33-year-old remaining in custody until then, ldue to the violation of the measures imposed on him not to approach the 40-year-old.

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