Fatal blow to the head for Noti Mavroudis – On Saturday the civil funeral

Fatal blow to the head for Noti Mavroudis – On Saturday the civil funeral

On Saturday, the civil funeral in Chalandri of the well-known composer – The wish of his family

Notis Mavroudis suffered severe brain injuries which proved fatal for his life. This conclusion was drawn by the forensic examination carried out by the competent Larissa agency

The composer slipped from one level of the house to another and hit his head, according to the medical examiner Mrs. Rubini Leontari, who noted that the fall was from a height. Notis Mavroudis would leave Koukourava in Makrinitsa where he kept a holiday home, only to return a few days later. On the way out, he preceded his wife and when she went down the cobblestones she saw him lying on the ground. His wife called EKAV. A mobile unit with a doctor went to the scene and found Noti Mavroudis covered in blood. As it turned out, the composer had breathed his last.

In the meantime, on Saturday (7/1/2023) the civil funeral of the music composer Noti Mavroudis will take place.
According to a post by Haris’ son on social media, the civil funeral will take place at the Chalandrio cemetery at 10:30 in the morning, followed by cremation in Ritsona at 1:00 p.m.

Instead of wreaths, the family wishes to raise money to buy musical instruments for the Youth Symphony Orchestra of the Municipality of Halandrio.

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