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The municipality of Thessaloniki implements a Christmas tree recycling program


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Where will the trees go in a few days after they are decorated, the municipality informs its residents –

A collection program of natural Christmas trees is being organized by the Municipality of Thessaloniki starting next Monday in collaboration with the Municipal Waste Management Agency of Central Macedonia (Fo.D.S.A.).

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The aim of the action, in addition to the avoiding arbitrary deposition that creates issues of order and cleanliness in the city, is the alternative use of natural trees after the festive season, so that no tree ends up in the landfill.

After processing-shredding the trees will be used as bio-waste, they will be turned into fertilizer, which in turn will return to the natural environment.

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In his statements, the Deputy Mayor of Cleanliness and Recycling of the Municipality of Thessaloniki, Konstantinos Iakovou, pointed out that “the organized collection and processing of natural Christmas trees has an economic and environmental benefit as it contributes to increasing the recycling of green waste, reducing burial costs and the corresponding amounts of municipal waste to the Landfill”. In this context, citizens are requested not to deposit the trees arbitrarily on the sidewalks and next to the bins, but in the special bins that will be located at the City Hall (on the back side of the building), in the 4th Community at the Toumpa Cultural Center (57 Kleanthous) and at A Community in Ancient Agora Square (above the statue of Eleftherios Venizelos on Philippou Street).

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