Bar Caracol, in downtown São Paulo, will be demolished to build a parking lot




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Sao Paulo

Caracol, an important disco bar in São Paulo, announced this Tuesday, 10, that it will close its doors on March 31 of this year. The decision follows an order to vacate the property given by Santa Casa, which owns the space that is one minute from the hospital, at number 76 Rua Jaguaribe, in Santa Cecília.

According to Millos Kaiser, owner of the bar, Santa Casa claims that Caracol will be demolished to build a parking lot for employees. The process began in the middle of last year and the space owners even tried to file an appeal, but lost the case.

“We are very sad, the bar is recent, not even five years old. We did a very big job, it was a high investment. So seeing this being demolished is not cool from many points of view. But we accept the tragedy and now we want to do something else even better,” said Kaiser.

According to him, who is also the co-founder of the Selvagem party, it is very difficult for the next Caracol house to remain in the same region, but there is the idea of ​​​​expanding the space, the dance floor and also including more food options on the menu. . “It won’t be the same. But we will do our best to be better”, says the house’s publication on its Instagram.

Inaugurated in 2018, Caracol became known for the sound quality that comes from an analogue sound system, with a box from the 1970s imported from Oregon, in the USA, and for the fine selection of DJs that plays there, at the end of the large counter that delimits the hallway used as a dance floor. There were Brazilian and international names of various styles that ended up transforming the bar into a sure destination for those who want to enjoy good music and well-made drinks in the center of the city.

The house has not yet announced the new address and does not even have a date for the move, but it works normally until the 31st of March.

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