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Roula Pispirigou’s apology for the deaths of Malena and Iris was interrupted


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“A very serious involvement” according to her lawyer Roulas Pispirigou was presented shortly before the 34-year-old’s statement ended.

The apology was interrupted with Mr. Alexis Kouya stating that he might make a new request to exempt the investigator.

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According to the defense attorney: “A very serious involvement has been created. She was asked questions at the level of gossip. For what the medical examiners testified no questions. I asked and made a statement to the investigator, I told her that it proves her bias and that after the statements of the coroners, she refused to cross-examine them. The apology was interrupted by the lady investigator herself before the accused signed. She ignored my personal problem proving her bias. I am in a very difficult position. The lady accused was impeccable. Honest and humane. I am required to file a waiver. If I could as a protest, I would withdraw from the defense. I will ask the bar association to distribute the defendant’s statement and her oral statement so that the public will understand what is going on.”

Until now, the accused remains in Evelpidon, while the progress of the case remains unknown

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