Technopolis response to the cost of the New Year’s Eve event


The Municipality of Athens responded to the complaints about the cost of the New Year’s event, through Technopolis.

According to the announcement:

“It is a tradition, for decades, that every Greek house welcomes the new year from Athens, through public television. The capital counts down and every corner of Greece is coordinated with it. The images of the festive Athens, as well as of all the big cities in the world, are projected by the world media. The Municipality of Athens honors this obligation, in recent years, through Technopolis, committing specific amounts for this great celebration.

The central festive event for the change of the year has in all the last years a fixed budget that averages 190 thousand euros.

This includes design, screenwriting, directing, artistic direction, artist fees, lighting design, set design, necessary technical equipment, studies and facilities, as well as staff fees for all necessary services.

Indicatively, the cost of the events of previous years is listed: 2016 – 170,000 euros, 2017 – 170,000 euros, 2018 – 170,000 euros, 2019 – 190,000 euros, 2020 – 227,000 euros, 2021 – 211,000 euros.

For the last two years, due to the pandemic and the sanitary measures for the protection of public health, the event takes place without the participation of the public exclusively for television broadcasting. Like last year, this year the production of a unique artistic spectacle, of high demands and specifications, was planned.

This year, more than 170 professionals and 20 companies are employed for the preparation, planning, coordination and implementation of New Year’s Eve, within a period of 30 days.

More detail:

Preparation / Design: A total of 20 days are required for the preparation, design and necessary studies of the project

– Scenario, Structure, Concept
– Lighting Design & Direction
– Design and Installation Design, Engineers, Electricians, Static Design
– Study and Design of Sound / Lighting Installation & Staff, Technical Management
– 3D Drawings, Photorealistic
– Study and Design of Scenography, Scenery Construction
– Direction & Planning of TV Coverage
– Music Program Editor, Conductor, Musicians, Rehearsals, Studio
– Designing Animationthemes for LED WALL
– Study, Design, Coordination & Production Organization

Installation / operation / uninstall tasks in detail:
– Installation / Uninstallation of Podiums, Scaffolding & main stage
– Installation / Uninstallation and Operation of Lighting & Sound Installation
– Installation / Uninstallation and Operation of musical equipment
– Electrical Installation Works
– Install / Uninstall and Operate LedWalls
– Installation / Uninstallation and Operation of wifi network and mobile amplifier signal at the venue

– Installation / Operation / Uninstallation of generator for the entire duration of the work
– Construction / Installation / Uninstallation of Scenes

– Rental and Operation of OB Van, Satellite Van, Cameras, Drone and Cinema Cranes

– Sound & lighting equipment planning work

– Preparation of artistic group, rehearsals & performance (artist – presenter, 17-member orchestra, conductor)

– TV coverage team (director, assistant director, flow manager, coordinator, 10 operators, OB Van manager, satellite manager Van, Drone pilot)

– Technical staff (sound engineers, lighting, stage manager)

– Production Coordination, Flow and Implementation Team

– Security staff throughout work

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