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Rhodes at the mercy of bad weather – Transport problems, falling trees, power outages (Video, photos)


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Strong winds of up to 10 Beaufort have canceled all scheduled ship and plane routes – Schools closed

Big are the problems caused by the severe bad weather on the island of Rhodes with the gale force winds causing significant damage.

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Since last night, the island has been cut off from transportation, as the strong winds, the intensity of which even reaches 10 Beaufort, have canceled all scheduled ship and plane routes.

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Kindergartens, kindergartens, elementary schools, high schools and high schools, remain closed for today Friday, with a decision issued yesterday at noon by the Mayor of Rhodes, Antonis Kambourakis, but the classes were held online through the Webex electronic application.

Also according to Rodiaki, almost all the traffic lights in the center are out of order.

Falling trees all over the island

The Fire Service of Rhodes, according to the data collected by RODIAKI, has so far received several calls for the removal of branches and trees that have been broken by the bad weather.

Two of them in Archangelos, one in Paradise, two in Ialyssos and several branches within the city of Rhodes. For this reason, a representative of the Municipality of Rhodes from the Green Service (Mr. Karikis) has also been installed in the operations center of the P.Y Rhodes, by order of the commander of the Service, Mr. Nikitas Veniou, so that there is better coordination and targeted interventions from the two services throughout the island.

Shortly after 8:20 in the morning, we also had another tree fall in the area of ​​Paradise (near Agios Andreas) as well as in the park of San Francisco. In all cases, the Fire Department and the Municipality went to the scene to dismember and remove them.

Speaking to RODIAKI the commander of the Rhodes Police Station, Mr. Nikitas Venios, he pointed out that the weather conditions prevailing since last night are extreme and for this reason he called on vehicle owners to remove their cars with great care if they are parked under trees.

He also appealed to all residents of the island to limit their movements to those absolutely necessary as the bad weather intensifies. And finally he pointed out that the weather conditions are prohibitive for anyone to attempt to set a fire in the countryside as the risks of expansion with such force of winds are enormous. However, yesterday with similar weather conditions, there were three such cases of our fellow citizens who set fire to burn branches in their field, which caused the immediate intervention of the Rhodes Fire Department officials, with strict recommendations against them.

Power outages

On Thursday night, but also today Friday from early in the morning, momentary power outages are also recorded. In particular this morning in Archangelos, these holidays also created a series of problems for students and teachers who were preparing to participate in the online courses that were planned.


It started raining and hailing

In villages on the western side of our island it has already started to rain, while in the city of Rhodes, along with the heavy rain, strong hail was also observed. For this reason, those who need to move with their vehicles need to be especially careful.


Changes to ship itineraries

Due to the adverse weather conditions and especially due to the stormy winds that blow throughout the country, the itineraries of the ships to and from Rhodes are modified and configured as follows:

FRIDAY 27{O /01 /23 16:00 – 08:00 BS2
SATURDAY 28/01/23 04:35 – 19:20 BS PATMOS
SATURDAY 28/01/23 14:00 -12:25 BLUE CARRIER 1
KYPIAKH 29/01/23 16:00 – 08:35 BS2


THURSDAY 26/ 01/23 20:00 – 20:10 BLUE CARRIER 1
FRIDAY 27{O1/23 06:00 – 21:00 BS PATMOS
SATURDAY 28/01/23 18:00 ·10:30 BS2
FRIDAY 27/01/23 BS PATMOS departure 21:40-bed 00:35
The ferry returns to Rhodes at 03:45 departing at 04:35 PREVELIS SHIP
SUNDAY 29/01/23 departure at 07:00

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