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To the investigator “Maximos Sarafis” – He apologizes for the case of defrauding businessmen


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Philistor Destebasidis has been brought to the courts of Evelpidon since the morning in order to apologize for the case of defrauding businessmen

Filistor Destepbasidis – “Maximos Sarafis” – has been brought to the courts of Evelpidon since the morning in order to apologize for what is attributed to him in the case of defrauding businessmen.

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Two other defendants in the case, which according to the case file that has been filed, concern the activity of a structured criminal organization, will also plead before the investigative authorities today.

The former business executive and communications director of Novartis, F. Destebasidis, is attributed a central role in the case, as according to the evidence he is called upon to refute today, for at least two years, he acted as the mastermind of a group of persons promising direct loans to entrepreneurs from foreign banking institutions .

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In the case file it is stated that the organization attracted its victims by convincing them that it would secure direct lending from banks in the United Arab Emirates which would, in some cases, be done through the non-existent, according to the case file, company “Zahrat Commercial Brokers LLC” based Abu Dhabi, which the main defendant appeared to represent in Greece. The prospective borrowers were asked to pay a series of sums for insurance, guarantees, legalization documents, etc. indicated by the alleged members of the organization.

According to the police authorities, the case currently concerns seven cases involving a total of 800 thousand euros, which the organization allegedly reaped.

The three defendants are today being asked to plead guilty to offenses that in some cases concern the formation of a criminal organization, fraud, forgery and money laundering, while four other people are wanted for the case.

The main defendant in the case, in a public statement, denies what is attributed to him and claims that the whole case was “organized at his expense” by “the sub-state of the ND” as a “result of my vile and revanchist targeting, since 2018”, so and testified under the status of a protected witness in the case of the pharmaceutical company Novartis.


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