“Maximos Sarafis” in prison after his confession


“Maximos Sarafis” remanded in custody for defrauding businessmen – The co-accused are free

In prison “Maximos Sarafis, otherwise known as Philistor Destepbasidis, is being prosecuted after his apology for the case of defrauding businessmen who were convinced by the accused and others that they could secure loans from banks of the United Arab Emirates with the compensation.

Investigator and Prosecutor, after a long apologetic process that started early in the morning, decided that the main defendant in the case should be detained temporarily.

On the contrary, for the two co-accused of Destebasidis, who pleaded guilty after him today, it was decided that they can be released on the condition that they must appear at a Police Station.

The three defendants were acquitted of serious charges that in some cases concern the establishment of a criminal organization, fraud, forgery and money laundering, while four other people are wanted in connection with the case.

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