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Rhodes: On February 9, another member of the “pink panther” ring is on trial


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Another member of the infamous “pink panther” ring is on trial

For February 9, 2023, the Dodecanese Appeals Prosecutor’s Office has set the hearing of yet another part of the much-lauded case with accused members of the infamous international “pink panthers” ring, who operated in Podos, Kos and Santorini, looting gold jewelry and luxury watches, worth more than 3.5 million euros.

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Accused in the trial before the criminal court of first instance is Cvetkovic Zoran of Miodrag, a resident of Pozerevac, Serbia, who will be represented by the lawyer Mr. Nikiforos Papanikolas.

On January 12, 2023, Petkovic Dejan of Zoran, alleged to be a member of the “pink panthers” circle, was sentenced to 7 years in prison by the Five-member Court of Appeal of the Dodecanese.

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The court decreased his first-trial sentence by two years after recognizing the mitigating factor of his previous conjugal life.
The Kounakis couple, owners of a jewelry store in the Medieval City, had also testified at the trial. They explained that the damage they suffered, in addition to the financial loss of approximately 1.5 million euros, also caused them health problems, while their competitive efforts to find the stolen goods did not find a response.
They pointed out that members of the ring had visited their jewelery shop to plan its burglary, impersonated customers and that for two days prior to the burglary they had marked with chalk on the store’s rolls the points they later broke to gain entry.

Ms. Kounaki has repeatedly emphasized that she recognized the defendant in photos at GADA and that she did the same with other members of the ring.
We remind that the Criminal Court imposed a 14-year prison sentence in the first instance on the alleged ring leader Bratsanovic or Vratsanovic or Hofman or Grudnik or Popovic Predrag or Pedja or Deniz or Richard or Radovan of lyobomir, residence unknown, a 9-year prison sentence on Petkovic Dejan of Zoran , a resident of Piraeus and a 5-year prison sentence for Petrovic Aleksandar or Sekula, a national of the former Yugoslavia.
As “dimokratiki” wrote, in May 2012 the Five-member Court of Appeal of the Dodecanese had reduced by two years the 14-year prison sentence imposed on Vasic Dragan of Mikovde, a resident of Agios Dimitrios Attica, a member of the spiral.
Reduce it by three years the sentence of 14 years imposed on the co-accused Gacesa Mladen of Miodrag, while the sentences of Cagljevic or Cagjevic Predrag of Miroslav (14 years), Jancic Drenka of Vioslav were upheld, after their appeals were rejected as unsupported (6 years old) and Panagiotis Stefanopoulos of Stavros (5 years old).
Vasic Dragan was arrested, as “d” wrote, in Argentina, specifically on March 18, 2009 at the international airport “Ministro Pistarini” in the city of Ezeiza, at the moment he was boarding a flight bound for Belgrade.
The convicts, at the beginning of 2007, allegedly formed in Athens a structured and continuous group that sought to commit distinguished thefts at the expense of jewelry store owners in Greece, led by Bratsanovic.
The above are alleged to have participated in the burglary of the goldsmith’s shop owned by Petros Kounakis at 103 Sokratous Street in Podos, on the morning of 20.09.2007 at around 06.10.

They are involved also in burglaries in the town of Kos on 5.9.2007, in Kefalos Kos on 4.9.2007 and in Fira Santorini on 12.6.2007, at the expense of Alexios Koumbaroula, Dimitrios Presvyris and Alexandros Rogavopoulos, respectively.
The “Pink Panthers” gang, which includes Montenegrins, Serbs and Croats, has been Interpol’s number one “nightmare”, officially since 2007, when a multinational team was set up to deal with them.
The gang it is estimated that it was formed in the period 1997-98 and until now it has robbed more than 160 jewelry stores in 26 countries of the world, while their loot, according to the most conservative calculations, exceeds 300 million euros.

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