Radonic: “Matt Thomas can help, I wish we could sign Mitoglou tomorrow”


THE Panathinaikos with a very good performance and the lads in the first role defeated Ionikos with a score of 102-70, showing a very positive face.

After the match, Dejan Radonic he referred to the press conference both on the match and on various burning issues for the “greens”, such as the transfers and the Andrew Andrews and Marius Grigonis.

His statements in detail:

“Very good approach at the beginning. This is important for this match. Also for Samonturov and Avdala who are important for the team and for me. I want to give them participation minutes. It was an opportunity to manage the participation time as well. All season we play with a short playing time and due to the very tough schedule of the Euroleague, just like in the game with Lavrio we had 10 players and today we had 11. Ponitka, Bohorides and Mantzoukas were not with us and it is something we will see in the next days about what will happen next”.

For Matt Thomas: “He is a good player and we will see in the next few days. We don’t have an answer so far.”

For Samodurov and Avdala: “I am very happy. Their approach was very good and I am happy to see talented players on the court and they are the future of Panathinaikos. They have to work hard.”

On whether he will make a change in the Greek league with Grigonis: “As I said we still have a problem with the 7 foreigners and we have 3 changes and the situation is strange. We will make one change in the next period and one before the Cup. We have to go from game to game. And with 9 foreigners on the roster before the Cup we will decide who will play. It would be important to be able to change players more easily and rest them for the Euroleague, especially with the injuries.”

For the profile of the player Panathinaikos wants: “First of all at the moment the market has so many players and we have to see what we have in the team and what the market has. With what we have so far in the team, however, a player like him can help us. It would also be nice, for example, if tomorrow morning we signed Mitoglou to play with us.”

For Andrews: “He is out of the team. He has not yet signed his resignation and we have a problem with the regulation that he does not sign so as not to be counted among the foreigners”.

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