Manos Daskalakis: “Justice for my Georgina” – He testifies as the first witness today in the trial of Roula Pispirigou


The father of the children has appealed for the dissolution of their marriage and is no longer by the side of the 34-year-old

Face to face the parents of 9-year-old Georgina, who exactly one year ago “passed out” at the Children’s Hospital from her mother’s hand, will appear today in the Mixed Jury Court, according to the judicial authorities.

Roula Pispirigou from the bench where she is sitting for the murder and attempted murder of her 9-year-old daughter, she will hear today her ex-husband, Manos Daskalakis, testifying as the first witness at her trial.

A year ago, the couple appeared united in the face of the “unimaginable tragedy”, as the media reported, “for the family from Patras who lost all three of their children”. Today, however, none of them are in the same position.

The children’s father has appealed for her dissolution of their marriage and is no longer by the side of the 34-year-old. In the trial, he is present for the Support of the Accusation claiming satisfaction for the moral damage and mental suffering he suffered from the actions of his ex-husband, as they are mentioned in the indictment against her.

The mother completes, in about two months, one year of temporary detention for Georgina’s death, while a second temporary detention warrant was also issued against her for the deaths of her younger children, Malena and Iris. Warrant which her defense believes should be lifted.

31-year-old Manos Daskalakis opens today the cycle of witness statements in the trial of the mother of his children, asking, as he has said, “Justice for my Georgina”. The baby that he himself has said that “I felt incredible joy and emotion when she was born” and that “there, when I saw her in the incubator, I fell in love for the first time… and I said to her, ‘I will never leave you.’

His deposition is not expected to be accepted without hammering questions on the part of the accused who will attempt to deconstruct anything she says against her.

Counsel of Roulas Pispirigou has already foreshadowed with his statement about the attitude he will take towards the first witness of the trial: “he is a witness without substance”, said Mr. Kougias, as “he was never present during the time Georgina was hospitalized” . Mr. Kougias is expected that during the examination of Mr. Daskalakis he will want to establish in court his position that the ex-husband of the accused not only has nothing new to contribute to the case but also that “whatever he says is under challenge” as the advocate mentioned a few days ago.

The first child of the Daskalaki family passed away on January 29, 2022 , having experienced the losses of her two younger brothers. According to the case file, her death is the result of a strong dose of ketamine that her mother allegedly administered to her at the “Aglaia Kyriakou” Hospital where she was being treated.

A few months earlier, Georgina would experience another criminal act, as attributed to Pispirigou, against her. On April 11, 2021, he was admitted to the Karamandane Hospital of Patras, “without any pathological evidence”. The child had suffered a cardiac arrest “as a result of the administration of a powerful toxic substance, most likely ketamine,” according to the case file. The medical event was treated with a huge, anxious effort by the doctors who then prevented the fatality. However, they could not prevent hypoxic-ischemic encephalopathy which, due to a lack of oxygen to the brain, left Georgina completely disabled. Everything that happened in Karamandanio, according to Justice, constitutes the crime of attempted homicide for which the 34-year-old mother is responsible.

The fathertaking the stand today, it is expected that he will not differ from what he testified last April to the Investigator who handled the case file for Georgina.

At the investigative office, Manos Daskalakis, who declared immediately after the 34-year-old’s remand that he supports the charge, (Civil Proceedings) was asked by the judicial officer:

“During this whole adventure of Georgina’s health, combined with the deaths of your other 2 children that preceded it, did you suspect that something was wrong?”

Mr. Daskalakis had replied that until the subject of Georgina’s death was brought up, it had not crossed his mind that the mother could harm his children. As he had said:

“All the time we lived together with the accused, as well as during the health problems of Georgina and our other children, I did not suspect anything because her behavior was as it should be, that is, of a mother who loves her children and she is caring and overprotective. In fact, anyone you ask from our relatives and friends will tell you the same thing. So it never occurred to me that it could harm my children.”

But then according to the witness: “When the subject of Georgina’s death began to be stirred, I found that she had a preoccupation and was constantly in the television media expressing her own views and constantly having in her mind whether they would say anything about her death Georginas or if they have discovered something. I didn’t like this way and in fact I was telling her why she has absorbed so much and is constantly exposed to television shows talking about the causes of our child’s death”.

Manos Daskalakis had also explained why he had appeared publicly on the side of the woman who is currently sitting in the dock: “At that timeI supported her initially , giving a joint television interview. This was because I truly believed her and had no reason to doubt her and because at the time we both said and believed that the toxicology test results would be clear whenever and there was no reason to worry. However, the accused did not stop at this TV interview but continued to talk in every way to every TV media and every journalist. In fact, because they called me too, I constantly told them that I have nothing more to say than what I said in the joint television interview we gave and that my attitude is the same. I took this stance because I thought the right thing to do was to support the accused and be by her side. This was until the moment he was arrested. In particular, a short time before he was arrested he contacted me by phone and told me that he heard from a journalist (he mentions the name) saying that the substance ketamine was found in Georgina’s blood and he was asking me what it is. Then I was informed by her sister that the police came and told her to follow them to GADA to give a statement. The rest is known since he was arrested. I contacted her after her arrest only twice while she was in GADA and tried to reassure her until I knew exactly what was going on. From then on, I did not contact her again because I had already heard that a large amount of the substance ketamine was found in Georgina’s blood and now I have confirmed it after receiving copies of the case file and seeing with my own eyes the toxicological examination, which cannot be disputed.”

He was also asked if Ms. Pispirigou could find the substance ketamine in some way and she answered that “I don’t think it would be something easy for her to find, because there is no one in the immediate family who knows about these types of substances. I have nothing else to add.”

The witness had argued that before the first death that the family experienced, that of Malena in 2019, his marriage did not face any problems. Everything was going well: “Ms. Pispirigou and I met at a football match, in the stadium of Patras in 2013. We started a relationship and later that same year Georgina came into our lives. Also in the same year, on 20-09-2013, we got married in a civil marriage. In 2015, our 2nd child, Malena, came into our lives. Until the year 2019 when our little Malena passed away, whose cause of death was liver failure, we were fine as a family. Everything was perfect between us. From the year 2019 onwards and due to the death of our little Malena, minor problems started in our relationship without this having an impact on our children” he had said.


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