Demis on the Athanasiadis phase: “Issue of regulation interpretation – Katsouranis is not an enemy of AEK”


THE Demis Nikolaidis placed through his show, Monday FCto Nova for the phase in which Aris asked for a penalty against AEK about the conflict between Athanasius and Fabianus. The veteran striker emphasized that the play of the “Union” goalkeeper was normal, but also that it is a matter of how each referee interprets the regulation.

Athanasiadis could not jump otherwise, he goes in a normal way to chase the ball and then finds the opponent“, he characteristically said. “The regulation doesn’t say if you find the ball first there’s no penalty, but it’s not as clear as it says. Maybe it should be more clear about such cases,” he stressed, while adding that even referees contacted by his show (who wished to remain anonymous) had mixed opinions about the phase.

At the same time, he was placed for the position of PAE AEK for Kostas Katsouranis. “Katsouranis is not an enemy of AEK nor part of the propaganda. He simply stated his opinion. Let them have their say. If it is possible for Katsouranis to be what AEK says“, he commented.

As for the match with Aris, he called him the man of the match Sergio Araujo, who won the penalty for 1-0 and provided the assists for the other two AEK goals, stressing that he sacrifices himself for the team. He also made special mention of the appearance of Jonsson and Pineda.

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