“Invasion” of the Forestry Department of Patras – Spray was thrown into the forester’s eyes


Dasarchis complained that he was insulted and that spray was thrown in his eyes while he was in his office

“Lock the door and call the police”! Yesterday shortly before noon, the head of the forest of Patras, Stavros Varvatsoulis, gave this order to his female employee, after the sexual harassment she suffered from about 10 “invaders” in his office!

The unprecedented incident took place, on the occasion of the refusal of the “invaders” to install wind turbines in Erymanthos, considering that the will of the Forestry Department is not the appropriate one.

In the Service building, located at the intersection of Shaktouri and Bouboulinas streets, nothing predicted what would follow. The protestors suddenly entered the forester’s office, on the first floor, and according to employees, they started shouting, while one of them “marked” Mr. Varvatsoulis’ eyes with a spray! The forester of Patrons was shocked, but was able to react, while at the same time 4-5 employees who heard voices rushed to his place to help their boss.

An employee – complains to the newspaper “Peloponnisos” – that he was pushed by the perpetrator of the attack, obeyed the order of Mr. Varvatsoulis and locked the door, immediately calling ELAS!

Two patrol cars arrived on the spot and 5 of the perpetrators of the incident were taken to the Second Police Department, with the procedure of autoforos.

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