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Gathering of taxi drivers on Athens Avenue and marching towards the Ministry. Transportation


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Taxi drivers complain about punctuality, overcharging and unfair competition

Concentration on Athinon Avenue (at the height of Sp. Patsis) is currently being held by the Attica Taxi Drivers Union (SATA), which will also hold in still slow going to the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure on Mesogeion Avenue.

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The taxi drivers complain about “punctuality, overtaxation and unfair competition”, as they state in their relevant statement.

Their proposals in detail:

  • Adjustment of the fixed price for the route Athens Airport – City Center from 40 euros to 45 euros (tariff 1) and from 55 euros to 60 euros (tariff 2). Reinstatement of the provision for the Christmas Gift of taxis with the same conditions that were in force.
  • Legislation on the special permit.
  • Free passage in bus lanes for loaded taxis.
  • Legislation for the loss of irrevocable revocation of an ideal ETX share.
  • Removal of the mandatory registration of new Taxi cars only with zero emissions from 2026. The proposal of SATA is to postpone this obligation to 2035.
  • Creation of a public taxi booking application with no fees for users and drivers (on the model of France Le taxi and Catalonia).
  • For seven-seater-nine-seater taxis: Free replacement of a conventional 7-seater-9-seater ETX Taxi without restrictions and without quota for all professional taxi drivers of Attica. Regarding the invoice, our proposal is as follows:
  • Flag drop: 5.00 euros
  • Minimum rent: 10.00 euros
  • Additional Charge of 5.00 euros per passenger (from the fifth person onwards)
  • Immediate implementation of the decision of the Ministry of Finance (Papanatsiou) on the collection of the fee.
  • Reduction of VAT on fuel from 24% to 13% for as long as the energy crisis lasts.
  • Reduction of VAT on passenger transport to 10%.
  • Fair tax treatment (tax-free limit at 12,000 euros) for the self-employed in our sector.
  • Oil tax reduction or fuel subsidy for the professional Taxi motorist on a permanent basis.
  • Subsidies for the purchase of all types of cars classified as taxis.
  • The public nature of the services provided by Taxi must be protected in every way.
  • Protection of Law 4530 /2018 and improvement where necessary.
  • Clear and without gray areas separation of the services provided by the Taxi and the rental car with a driver.
  • Restoration of the minimum lease period and the minimum price in the contracts of the E.I.X. which was halved by the government.
  • Reinstatement of the provision that obliged the Municipalities of the whole country to create squares within the limits of their responsibility.
  • Correct implementation of the digital platform for E.I.X. contracts. and creating a register for guided rentals.
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