Phantom F-4 crash: Land and sea are “combing” for the captain Stathis Tsitlakidis – (Video, photos)


The oceanographic vessel “Nautilus” will arrive at the crash site and will essentially “scan” the seabed – Research in coastal areas from Katakolo to Pyrgos Ilias

The search for the 31-year-old Stathis Tsitlakidis, the pilot of the fatal Phantom F-4, which crashed on Monday morning in the Andravida maritime area while performing a training flight, is continuing unabated today.

The investigations are now focused on two points where at the crash site it is large and exceeds 800 to 1,000 meters and human diving cannot be done there.

According to information, an underwater drone was used in the investigations, which, however, can only dive up to 100 meters.

For this reason, the oceanographic vessel “Nautilus” is expected to arrive, which has better equipment to “scan” the bottom of the sea and be able to locate the rest of the aircraft.

At the same time, during the day yesterday, searches were carried out in coastal areas from Katakolos to Pyrgos Ilias in case they locate the captain or some parts of the aircraft, again without any results.


Video-photos, Christos Stratoulakos

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