Thessaloniki: The police officer whose hands Alkis died of cold has honored his memory


At midnight on February 1, the policeman who fought to keep Alkis alive went to the scene of the tragedy to light a candle in memory of the young

In his hands Alkis Kampanos cooled off. A year later he returned to Gazi Street (now Alki Kampanou Street) to light a candle in his memory. He is the police officer of the Thessaloniki Immediate Action, who was the first to arrive at the scene of the murder that shocked Greece.

Twenty minutes after midnight, Alkis Kampanos and his group are attacked by 12 PAOK fans on Gazi Street. 100 is informed about the incident. An Immediate Action patrol car arrives at the scene first. One of the two policemen approaches Alkis Kampanos. The 19-year-old struggles to speak and shows his groin. He is seriously injured. He’s losing a lot of blood. The policeman tries in vain to stop the bleeding. A few minutes later Alkis breathes his last. The policeman turns to Alki’s friend who had a leg and head injury. He finds that he is bleeding. She bandages his wounds and manages to stop the bleeding before it’s too late. For the remaining minutes, the area is cordoned off by police forces. The policeman, who saw Alki “disappear” in front of him, sits on the edge mutely. He cannot believe what has happened. Security officers arrive and ask him for information about the incident. His gaze frozen. His arms and uniform stained with the blood of the Moose. He talks to the police, but his mind is on the child who ran away.

At midnight on February 1, the police officer who fight to keep Alkis alive he works the night shift again. An hour after midnight he passes the scene of the murder. He gets out of the patrol car. He holds a candle. He is silent. Approaching the scene of tragedy. Around the world many stay up all night honoring the memory of Alkis. That lights up the candle and leaves it on the pavement. He stands for a while and then leaves.

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