The road axis “Ioannina – Kalpaki – Kakavia” becomes fast-moving: the tender has been announced


The cost of the project is 310 million euros – The road axis, 70 km long, will connect the capital of the Epirus Region with neighboring Albania with speed and safety

An important work for her Continent is on track for implementation as the Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport announced the tender for the “Ioannina – Kalpaki – Kakavia” road axis, with a budget of 310 million euros.

The road axis is being tendered as an expressway and with uneven junctions that will serve the area.

The road axis, 70 km long., will connect the capital of the Region of Epirus with the neighboring one Albania with speed and safety.


will upgrade urban traffic in the city of Ioannina,
will ensure access to the Ionian Sea in the area of ​​Konitsa and by extension the areas of Florina and Kastoria
it diverts significant hyperlocal loads from the Ioannina Ring Road and connects the Ioannina Industrial Area, channeling heavy traffic onto the motorway network.
Among the important benefits of the road axis Ioannina – Kalpaki – Kakavia is the service of the Ioannina airport as well as the main volume of traffic between Albania – Greece, since the continuation of the road after Kakavia serves the coastal areas of Albania and Tirana, from from which a large number of road users come. It is also noted that it is part of the Trans-European Transport Network.

The Minister Mr. Costas Karamanlis stated:

“The time of Epirus has arrived. An emblematic project, which began to be planned and discussed before 2005, is today becoming a reality, by the ND government.

This is a project that we characterized as national and will be implemented with specific funding and a specific schedule. The new road axis Ioannina – Kalpaki – Kakavia will be a 70 kilometer closed expressway. At the Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport, as well as the Prime Minister himself, we fought a great battle with the European Commission, because this project has a national dimension, highlights the region and connects it with the wider region of Western Macedonia and Epirus with the Western Balkans. It is a project that ensures access to the Ionian Way, a project that brings areas out of isolation.

We are methodically continuing, throughout Greece, an integrated plan of projects, both public and private, which will take 10 years to complete. We offer citizens the projects they need and signal development, the next day and the resolution of many of their problems.”

The Deputy Minister of Infrastructure and Transport, responsible for Infrastructure, Mr. Giorgos Karagiannis stated:

“The road axis Ioannina – Kakavia is a vital project for Epirus as it is the link with Albania and therefore the Southwest Balkans where dozens of Greek companies are active through exports. It is a matter of decades, a project important for the whole country. That is why the mandate of Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis was the Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport to undertake the maturation of the studies and the implementation of the project.

The benefits to the region’s economy will begin to be felt already during the construction period as 750 jobs will be created on average during the 4 years of construction. Accordingly, nearly 50% of the implementation cost will be spent on materials, domestically produced or imported, creating approximately 200 indirect jobs during the construction period.

It is, therefore, an important day for Epirus and all of Western Greece. We continue to consistently put our commitments into practice.”

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