Turkey does not stop provocations in the Aegean: 14 violations and 12 air battles on Wednesday


18 of the 23 Turkish aircraft were armed – 12 violations of the Athens FIR were also recorded

The loss of the two Greek Air Force officers in the sea of ​​Andravida was not able to stop – even temporarily – the provocations in the Aegean.

One day after the tragic accident and while the search for the co-pilot was ongoing, a total of 23 Turkish aircraft, of which 18 were armed, committed 14 violations of Greek airspace and 12 violations of the Athens FIR.

The Turkish F-16s and the spy plane flew in formations of four and in pairs.

12 of the 14 violations turned into engagements (air battles), which reflects the magnitude and severity of the neighboring country’s provocative actions.

It is worth noting the composure and professionalism of the Greek pilots, who, on a day that was developing in such a tense atmosphere, due to the loss of the two pilots in Andravida, operated according to the rules and intercepted the Turkish aircraft as foreseen based on the international conditions.

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