Horror at the revelations of the 4-year-old: “We watched the ‘games’ with dad and grandma on TV” – Investigations into trafficking of material


The child’s nightmare began during the summer holidays, when his father, the son of a priest, spent a few days with the 4-year-old, as he is estranged from his mother

Horror and disgust has been caused by a new incident of sexual abuse of a minor, this time in Northern Greece, with the alleged perpetrator being the father of the 4-year-old victim and his grandmother as an accomplice.

As the mother’s lawyer Mr. Yiannis Marakakis revealed to ERT, a child’s nightmare it started during the summer holidays, when his father, the son of a priest, spent a few days with the 4-year-old, as he is estranged from the mother.

When he returned to his mother, the child had one strange behavior and was experimenting with his sexuality, with his mother deciding to seek professional help. In fact, the mother, seeing the abnormal behavior of the child, videotaped it and the product of the behaviors has been presented to the interrogation, to the child psychologists and to the medical examiner in order to have an image of the mother’s concerns.

Still, the child started saying that he was in pain and that he was playing with his father and grandmother, while marks were also found on the child’s body.

Thus the horror was revealed

Criminal proceedings were brought, the child estretched out by two investigating officers in the presence of a psychologist and a social worker and little by little the 4-year-old began to reveal the horror he had experienced at the hands of his father. There were 4 two-hour sessions during which the child seems to have “unlocked” and told everything, how he experienced the rapes by the father, how his grandmother also participated, the naming they had done to the genitals of the father, the little one and also grandmas.

Even as Mr. Marakakis revealed, the investigating officers noticed that the child’s behavior changed in front of the camera, they turned it off and realized that the child was more comfortable. That’s how the 4-year-old revealed to them that he doesn’t want the camera because “the games I played with grandma and dad were then seen on TV”.

THE criminal prosecutionn concerns serial rape, sexual acts with a minor under the age of 12, sexual acts between relatives and pornography.

According to Mr. Marakakis, it is being investigated whether they trafficked this material.

The father has a very good job and a very good income and is the son of a priest, who is not alive.

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