Turutsika’s parents were shocked: You became the Icarus of our hearts – Immortal! (video-photos)


In an atmosphere of deep sorrow, relatives and friends said the last goodbye to the 29-year-old pilot – His parents were shocked – His colleagues and the country’s political leadership were in tears

In an atmosphere of deep sorrow, the exodus ceremony was held in the Holy Church of Prophet Elias, in Tripoli, under the patronage of Archbishop Hieronymos, Lieutenant Marios – Michael Turoutsikas, who passed away at the age of just 29, performing his duty.

Present at the ceremony were Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis, the leader of the official opposition Alexis Tsipras and the President of the Republic, Katerina Sakellaropoulou.

Also present was the Minister of National Defense, Nikos Panagiotopoulosthe Deputy Minister of National Defence, Nikos Hardaliasthe leader GEETHA, general Konstantinos Florosthe head of the GEA, vice-general (I) Themistocles Bouroliasthe GES chief, lieutenant general Angelos Houdeloudisthe chief GEN, vice admiral Ioannis Drymousis PN, a number of MPs and representatives of the Local Government, as well as retired and active officers of the Armed Forces.

On behalf of the Air Force, the funeral speech of Lt. Col. Marios-Michael Turoutsikas was delivered by a classmate of his.

Among other things, he said that Marios-Michael Turoutsikas was a “wonderful man” who gave his life “serving the Armed Forces”, a “model child for your parents”.

“Honest, straight, tireless and honest,” he emphasized at the funeral on behalf of the Air Force and added: “That’s why, today, we all mourn the lost legend, the man, the officer who left for the eternal journey.”

THE father of the lieutenant, Kostas Turoutsikas, said, among other things, that “Marios had achieved something very difficult. He had annihilated his ego. He had erased it from his vocabulary. Only you existed. He did not compare Greece with any other country in the world.”

“Father, Greece does not owe me anything. I am the only one who owes Greece”, Marios-Michail used to say to his father, as his father reported. “I think his debt paid off. He died early but full of Greece”, concluded Mr. Touroutsikas.

THE mother of the lieutenant colonel, Stavroula, shocked, said in her funeral speech: “You became the Icarus of our hearts. Greece sees your face and shouts immortal”.

The burial will take place in the cemetery of Agios Ioannis Pikerniou Mantineia.


The coffin with the body of the sergeant-major, carried by his friends, passed in front of the lined-up pilgrims, and to the sound of prolonged applause and mournful hymns, it was led to the church.

After the end of the funeral procession, the state and political leadership, all visibly moved, waited for the departure of the body to his final residence.


From early in the morning, citizens left their own message in the condolence book.


The two unfortunate pilots will be honored with the rank of Lieutenant General. Following the proposal of the Chief of General Staff, General Konstantinos Floros, the Council of Chiefs of General Staff (SGAE) in its extraordinary meeting yesterday evening decided to promote the 31-year-old Major General Efstathios Tsitlakides and the 29-year-old Major General Marios-Michaels Turoutsikas to the honorary rank of Vice Admiral.

The head of the General Defense Forces, General Konstantinos Floros, signed the relevant decision in the late afternoon, which was subsequently signed by the Minister of National Defense, Nikos Panagiotopoulos.




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