ELAS: Barrels with 71 kg of hashish were dug up in a village of Larissa – video


The barrels were buried deep in the ground but this time too a police dog discovered them

An imaginative way was found in her village Larisa two people to hide drugs. They placed drugs in barrels and buried them deep in the earth. They did not calculate, however, an immeasurable factor, that of him police dog, who discovered them as a result of which the police dug up the barrels containing a total of 71 kilograms of hashish.

In particular, following an investigation by the police officers of the Narcotics Prosecution Department of the Larissa Security Sub-Directorate, yesterday morning Wednesday in a rural-bushy area of ​​the Kileler Municipality of Larissa (Kiparissos), with the assistance of a police drug detection dog, they were found inside plastic barrels, buried on the ground and seized:

  • Fifty (50) nylon packages with dried cannabis, total weight -51,742- grams, as well as
  • Amount of dried hemp, weighing -20- kilos.

The amounts of cannabis found in total at the site and were confiscated had been placed with the aim of their further trafficking, while the perpetrators in the cases in question are the person arrested at the time (27 years old), another Greek man and their unknown accomplices.

The pre-investigative material will be submitted by the Larissa Security sub-directorate to the Criminal Prosecutor of Larisa.

It is recalled that on 24-01-2023, in the evening in the Kilelere Municipality of Larissa, a man was arrested by acting police officers of the Narcotics Prosecution Department of the Larissa Security Sub-Directorate, at the expense of whom, as well as at the expense of an unknown, so far, wanted person , a case was filed for violation of drug laws.

In particular, in a rural-bushy area of ​​the Kilelere Municipality, police officers of the aforementioned Service found nylon packages with quantities of dried hemp in tassels, with a total weight of -35- kilos and -822- grams.

As part of the ongoing surveillance of the scene by the police, the arrested person was captured yesterday, who went there in an I.X.F. car, driven by an unknown person, who escaped with the vehicle after the arrested person got out.

The aforementioned amounts of dried cannabis were confiscated, while in addition, -1- mobile phone was confiscated from the arrested person’s possession.

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