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Dozens of horses, riders and carriages will “parade” tomorrow in the streets of Thessaloniki


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Equestrian extravaganza for citizens on the occasion of the opening of the 12th International Livestock and Poultry Exhibition “Zootechnia”

Around 30 horses of Greek, Spanish and Friesian breeds will gallop proudly through the main streets of Thessaloniki tomorrow morning, offering a spectacular spectacle to the citizens of the city.

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Having received permission from the Thessaloniki Traffic Authority, “at 11 in the morning, the 30 horses, some on horseback and others pulling carriages, will start their gallop from stand 17 of the International Exhibition Center of Thessaloniki, where they are installed, and will head towards the southern gate, from where they will exit, to pour out into the main streets of Thessaloniki”, points out, speaking to APE-MBE, the coordinator of the action, Athanasios Vitas, explaining that it is part of the framework of other actions organized on the occasion of the start of the 12th International Exhibition for Livestock and Poultry “Zootechnia” (2-5/2).

As he explains, leaving the southern gate of the International Exhibition Center of Thessaloniki, the 30 horses will cross Tsimiski Street, get off the National Resistance Road and, passing in front of the White Tower, will move along the beach in the direction of the ‘Statue of the Great’ Alexandrou, where they will “park”, in order to take pictures with the citizens.

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“This spectacle that we experience every day, we decided to share it with the citizens and convey to them, as far as we can and it is possible, the sense of pride that the horse exudes”, notes 57-year-old Thanasis Bitos, who is a third-generation breeder of 54 horses of the Pindos tribe and at the same time he has been elected general secretary of the Milio Naturist group in Pelion.

It is recalled that Zootechnia 2023 is hosting for the eighth consecutive year the now established “HORSE SHOW”, which is the great meeting of horse lovers and industry professionals from Greece and the wider Balkan region.

Organizations and private individuals participate with more than 50 horses from all over Greece, while on a 20X50 m shaped track they will present skill shows, chariot races and various other events. At the same time, in landscaped areas around the track, actions will be held in which Equestrian Clubs from various regions of the country will participate.

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