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Bartzokas: “99% with the same absences against Efes”


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Giorgos Bartzokas mentioned the absences that Olympiacos will have in the upcoming game against Efes in his statements ahead of the match. The coach of the “red and white” emphasized that, unless unforeseen circumstances, Kostas Slukas and Alec Pieterse will not be available for the upcoming game.

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In detail, what he said:

I think we played some good games. Against Fenerbahce it was a match in which we shot well. Of course we created good conditions to shoot. It’s about winning and when you don’t shoot well, which is common, you can’t shoot 55% three-pointers all the time. We are certainly coming from a good performance and certainly the absences were important. 99% of the absences will be in the next match as well, so again we all have to do something more than what we are used to in order to win.

Matches that you think you have by definition you usually lose or face great difficulties, while in matches that you have been written off, you go and win in difficult seats. This is now the rule and not the exception in the EuroLeague. Everyone plays with everyone and you see results like this.

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We prepare the game knowing the difficulty. We lost in the first match, although we controlled it for three quarters. Efes is a team that you cannot leave the game plan. If you are not focused defensively and offensively, he has such talent that you will be exposed or you will lose momentum in the game and we have to be very focused and do the right thing for 40 minutes.

It is a satisfaction for us to recognize other teams because the basketball we want to play for a coach is always important. Winning is what establishes you and matters, but for us coaches how you play involves a creativity. It makes me a little happy, but it won’t give us anything in the year. We have seen many times teams that play well and are accepted do not come away with titles at the end. In Olympiakos, it is not enough to be a team that has good performances, but that conquers things.

In the EuroLeague, duration, continuity and being ready at the critical moment are required. For now we have to stick to our original goal, to be in the top eight. It is not a given at all, you see teams like Efes are out of the eight and are fighting for the play offs.

Teams with huge budgets and great quality are even lower. Our first goal is this. When we get him we’ll go for the next one and if we find him, maybe we’ll go for the next one. At the moment we have to limit ourselves to the fact that if we play well we can win big. It is not a given that we will win.

I see the technical part of the game and the difficulty that the specific opponent gives you. We must limit ourselves to this. They are a very good team, you all know what good guards they have, forwards, centers. Added Singleton who I hold in high esteem. It is not a matter of prestige, it is a matter of concentration, will, disposition. The motivation is always a given, the stadium will be sold out. We want to play well to win, we have to see if we have the readiness to do it.”

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