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Golden Dawn trial: The court has ordered the violent arrest of Pavlos Fyssa’s partner


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Two important witnesses were also called to testify at the Golden Dawn Trial

The appearance of Pavlos Fyssa’s partner, Chrysa Tosloukou, today Friday the Five-Member Court of Criminal Appeals, which has ordered the violent arraignment of the woman who has never testified publicly about what happened on the night of the musician’s murder, is expected.

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The witness who had Pavlos Fyssa in her arms when he died after being stabbed by Giorgos Roupakias, had not appeared in the court of first instance and had not been sought to testify at the trial. However, the statement he had given a few days after the murder had been read to the Piraeus Investigator who had initially taken charge of the murder, before the large case file was filed against the “criminal organization Golden Dawn”.

In this court and after a request from the defense, with which the side of the victims was also drafted, it was decided that Chrysa Tosloukou must give her testimony about the night of September 17-18, 2013, when the musician fell dead surrounded, according to the charge, by members of the organization’s “Assault Squad”. The woman was searched by order of the court and located in a provincial town where she now resides, where she was served with a summons. However, she did not appear in the courtroom and so the court issued a warrant for her arrest which was set to be executed at today’s meeting.

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If Mrs. Tosloukou is not present not even today on the witness stand is it possible that the court will impose a fine for perjury which ranges from 200 to 500 euros.

In addition to the musician’s partner at the time, the court has called two other witnesses for today. The friend of the musician Michalis Xypolitos, present at the Koralli cafe from where the deadly pursuit of Fyssa’s group began, and the external prison guard Dimitris Hatzistamati, a patron of the cafe, who on the night in question tried to prevent the tension when he saw gold hunters gathered outside the shop.

Both witnesses are important as they have described crucial details of what happened before the fatal blow to the musician and the “organized and coordinated”, as they have both characterized, action of the members of the “Assault Squad” that was formed in express time that evening by members of the Local Golden Dawn organization in Nice.


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