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Roberto Carlos pays homage to Glória Maria: ‘Always a girl, my dear’


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To honor Glória Maria, Roberto Carlos published on social networks a memory of the day the two danced in Jerusalem, during the singer’s special presented by the journalist.

On the occasion, Roberto invited Glória to dance “Unforgettable” on stage next to the walls of the Old City.

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In the video posted this Thursday (2), the day Gloria died of cancer, he dances again with his friend, three years after the first time, and the two comment on the remarkable moment in Israel.

“That moment was one of the most beautiful, the most emotional moments of my life,” she said. “I felt like dancing with you more,” the singer replied.

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Thrilled, Roberto said he didn’t know what to say about the journalist’s death.

“Everything would be too little to talk about the wonders of Glória Maria. Her simplicity, her talent, her charisma, all that and much more in this girl, this girl always a girl, my dear Glorinha”, he wrote.

The affection between the two became public in 2010, when she was invited to present one of the artist’s specials. In the same year, the King gave her an interview at his home and sang for Gloria. The following year, once again the presenter led the friend’s special show, this time in Jerusalem.

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