On this day 4/2: Devastating earthquake with hundreds of dead in Kefalonia – Facebook goes live


See the most important events that took place today, February 4, in Greece and the world


1867 A devastating earthquake, measuring 7.2 on the Richter scale, hits Kefalonia (January 23 according to the old calendar), with hundreds of dead and great destruction. 224 people are killed and 2,612 houses collapse.

1943 Kostas Perrikos, an air force officer, who developed resistance action in Athens, culminating in the blowing up of the building of the pro-Nazi organization ESPO, is executed by the Germans.

1959 Greek-Turkish talks to find a solution to the Cyprus conflict begin in Zurich.

1996 Turkey’s Acting Prime Minister, Tansu Çiler, threatens that the extension of Greek territorial waters to 12 nautical miles will be a cause of war, while declaring that she will bring the issue of the approximately 1,000 islands, islets and islets that Turkey considers to international legal bodies. that they belong to its territory.

2004 The social networking platform Facebook goes online.


1815 Alexandros Koumoundouros, leading political figure of the 19th century, who served ten times as prime minister. (D. 26/2/1883)

1902 Charles Lindbergh, American aviator, long distance flight pioneer. In 1927, he made the first non-stop flight over the Atlantic in 33.5 hours with his monoplane “The Spirit of Saint Louis”.

1990 Katerina Stefanidis, Greek Olympic pole vaulter.


1843 Theodoros Kolokotronis, leader of the Greek Revolution.

1915 Armand Pezo, French businessman, founder of the eponymous automobile industry.

1991 Eleni Skouras, the first Greek MP.

2010 Kostas Axelos, Greek philosopher and thinker.

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