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Patoulis to SKAI: On Sunday the decision on whether schools will open on Monday


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The governor of Attica spoke of preventive decisions so that children are not put at risk

“At midday on Sunday, the decision will be made as to whether schools will open on Monday,” the regional governor of Attica told SKAI and the show “Morning” with Giorgos Autias George Patoulison the occasion of the arrival of the bad weather “Barbara”, which will hit Greece in the next 24 hours, starting from Saturday night.

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“The weather phenomenon will develop from tomorrow and will intensify on Monday. We will monitor it. At noon we have a meeting with the 66 mayors of the country. If there is an issue of severe bad weather according to the forecasts, then at noon on Sunday we will have relevant announcements for Monday. What will prevail are preventive decisions that will not put our children at risk,” said Mr. Patoulis.

“We are ready both in terms of salt and machinery. During the phenomenon to avoid movements and only if there is a reason for this to happen”, he added.

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