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Hatzidakis to SKAI: €100 net per month for supplementary that have not been issued as of 15/3 – Bold increase in the floor


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He left hints that Mr. Tsipras, as the elections approach, is constantly selling more and more and as he characteristically said, “before the elections he will also sell a small plot of land”

On Saturday morning, Labor Minister Kostis Hatzidakis was a guest on SKAI’s “Kalimera” show with Giorgos Autias, who spoke about the burning issues of pensions, retroactive benefits, supplementary benefits, the increase of the minimum wage and reductions in insurance contributions.
At the same time, he pointed out that Mr. Tsipras, as the elections approach, is constantly selling more and more, and as he characteristically said, “before the elections, he will also sell a small plot of land”.

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In detail, Hatzidakis emphasized that “at the end of February, the pensioners will also be given the January retrospectives for the pension increases.

For the personal difference allowance pointed out:

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“1,700,000 retirees were given raises. We had about 900,000 pensioners who saw no increase in their pocket. We are talking with the Ministry of Finance about the margin that exists in the state budget. The goal is to cover those who didn’t get raises. Giving priority to those who did not get any, which is about 140,000 pensioners, that is 5% of pensioners.

I think so a one-off grant will be given, which will not be removed in the future. I cannot at this time say how much the allowance will be. We are trying to get AADE in contact with EFKA so that the systems can work quickly and we will be finished by the beginning of March.

Mr. Tsipras is extremely optimistic and as the elections approach, he is getting stronger. I think that before the elections, a plot of land will be arranged. It always happens before the elections. The question is after the elections what does he do.

For retrospectively of supplementary pensions:

“Ancillary today can cost 80,000. Of these, EFKA tells me, and I checked yesterday, that the 40,000 will be issued by the end of February. And there will be as many more that will come out in the coming months. Among them are some who wait 2-3 years.

Since the system doesn’t know who they are, I said so that they don’t have to wait, let’s give 100 euros to all of them and 50 to the PWD and widow’s allowance.

We filed a bill that says that as of 3/15, those pensioners who have received the main but not the auxiliary will receive 100 euros net for each month that there is a delay. This will be done without request, automatically.

Until March 15, if someone, for example, waits a year, they will receive 1,200 euros net, 2 years 2,400 euros net, etc.

From 2021 there are 5,000 main pensions left that have not been paid out because they are extremely difficult and now we take out pensions faster than Germany and France.

For the new increase in the minimum wage:

The increase will be significant and bold but within my framework the fiscal space allows. As far as the self-employed are concerned, we will go to further reductions in social security contributions after the elections.

The digital job card will help us because the problems will be identified in the false declarations in the working hours. Thus, the hours will be declared normally, the contributions will be paid normally and we will be able to make the reductions in the contributions more correctly, as they should.

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