Chania: Arrest of three foreigners for theft and robbery


During the period from 16.12.2022 to 2.01.2023 they had committed a robbery at home and four cases of theft at home and businesses

EL.AS proceeded to investigate four cases of theft and one robbery in Chania. As announced by the General Police Directorate of the Region of Crete, after an investigation by police officers of the Security Sub-Directorate of Chania, the involvement of three foreigners was discovered who were arrested and a case file was filed against them, for robbery, distinguished cases of theft and for violations of the Arms Legislation.

In particular, as it emerged from the police investigation and preliminary investigation and after the appropriate use of information from the Security Directorate of Chania, during the time period from 16.12.2022 to 2.01.2023 they had committed a robbery at a house and four cases of thefts at houses and businesses .

Specifically, they removed money, jewelry, electronic devices, professional equipment, food and alcoholic beverages with a total monetary value of 7,700 euros.

Searches followed in the homes of the foreigners and in I.X.E. their vehicles, during which a shotgun, 2 knives, 11 cartridges, a lot of jewelry, gold, valuables and various objects were found and confiscated, some of which were identified and attributed to the victims.

The preliminary investigation is carried out by the Security Directorate of Chania.

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