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Crete: Emergency meeting in Chania on the bad weather “Barbara”


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Matters related to the management of emergencies that may arise from snowfall and severe weather in general were discussed.

A meeting was held today, Saturday, in Chania Municipality regarding the planning and cooperation of the agencies to deal with the expected bad weather that will hit Crete in the coming days, as several snowfalls are expected that will be heavy at times, heavy rains and strong northerlies winds.

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The meeting presided over by the Deputy Governor of Chania, was attended by the Mayor of Platanias, Mr. Malandrakis Yannis, representatives of the Municipalities for Civil Protection matters, the Fire Brigade under the Director Ms. Tsilimigaki Xenophon, the Forester Ms. Sklavaki Polymnia, Mr. Plokamakis Giorgos representative of DEDDIE , from the Police Mr. Kalaitzakis Andreas, from EKAV Mr. Varvantakis Stylianos as well as representatives of volunteer groups, from the Directorate of Technical Works of P.E. Giorgos as well as the Head of Civil Protection of the PE of Chania Mr. Verykokidis Yiannis.

Matters related to the management of emergencies that may arise from snowfall and severe weather in general were discussed.

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As far as the schools are concerned, an announcement is expected tomorrow for possible measures to be taken, after consultation and reassessment of the situation by the Meteorologist Mr. Lekka Emmanuel who also participated in today’s meeting and informed those present based on the data so far.

It was decided to increase the readiness of means and personnel from all agencies for as long as the phenomena last.

It was also decided to give the following instructions to citizens:

-Citizens should be particularly careful in areas where the phenomena are manifested.

– To follow the instructions of the Greek Police and the authorities.

– To be regularly informed by the relevant internet site of the Hellenic Police about the state of the road network., as well as the evolution of the weather from EMY

-People who may need daily medical care or need medication and live in mountainous areas should make sure they have alternative solutions, as the roads may remain inaccessible for some hours.

-Drivers who will be moving in mountainous and semi-mountainous areas should be equipped with anti-skid chains, or other means of assisting vehicles on slippery roads.

– Breeders who keep their herds at high altitudes should take care of the sufficient amount of feed. Be aware that, for the safety of the workers, the engineering/projects do not operate at night, therefore movements should be avoided.

Self-protection instructions are available on the website of the General Secretariat of Civil Protection.

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