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Hulk Hogan is up and dancing: How he “answered” rumors that he was paralyzed – Watch video


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The 69-year-old wrestling legend underwent surgery but left the rehab facility standing, accompanied by his son

He is standing, walking, dancing and doing… turns. THE Hulk Hogan responded with documents to rumors that he was paralyzed after back surgery. The famous wrestling veteran posted videos on Tik Tok where he is walking, dancing and functioning normally, dispelling the rumours.

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The 69-year-old WWE legend was also seen on the street, holding a stick in his right hand, leaving the DMV in Clearwater, Florida on Friday.

He used the cane to help him walk from the rehab center to his car. However, at one point, he stopped briefly to greet a fan.

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Hulk’s son, Nick Hogan, accompanied his father and even hugged him before they got into the van.

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