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SKAI exclusively on the oceanographic vessel “Joides Resolution”


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Joides Resolution, comes to the Mediterranean for the first time to carry out subsea drilling at depths never before explored

By Korina Georgiou

In the Caldera of Santorini one cannot help but admire the unparalleled view. But in the last few weeks, this historic oceanographic ship has been attracting attention for the first time in Greek waters with the aim of unlocking the secrets of the volcanic complex of Santorini.

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SKAI was exclusively on board the 143-meter-long Joides Resolution and was guided by the International Ocean Exploration Program research team and Greek mission members.

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The soul of this mission is the Santorinian Evi Nomikou, Associate Professor of Geological Oceanography at EKPA, who explains how the famous drilling ship will unlock the secrets of the volcanic complex of Christians, Santorini and Columbus.

As part of a major mission costing a total of $25 million, the largest US research vessel, the Joides Resolution, is coming to the Mediterranean for the first time to conduct undersea drilling at depths never before explored. It is a one-of-a-kind research vessel that can drill up to 8000 meters, a floating fully equipped multi-laboratory with state-of-the-art tools, which has, among other things, a restaurant, a cinema and a gym.

However, students have the opportunity to follow online educational tours of the ship’s laboratories and areas and learn how a drilling is carried out, what machines the scientists use on board, how the drilling ship works and why offshore drilling is necessary.

The Joides Resolution, after almost two months at sea, completes its mission on February 10, with its arrival in Heraklion. From there he will return to Spain, where he will leave the samples that will be sent to Bremen, Germany, with experts estimating that the first scientific publication is expected to take place by the end of 2023.

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