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Outback launches promotion of ribs for two for R$ 99, find out how to order


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2 pm

São Paulo

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The Outback Steakhouse restaurant chain started the month of February with an offer of its best-known dish, ribs, which can be accompanied by barbecue or billabong sauces. Until the 12th of this month, the Jr. Ribs For Two costs R$99.90.

Promotion orders take two half ribs, two side dishes and two drinks, which can be draft beer, iced tea or soda.

The promotional combo is served from 5 pm, and customers who place the order must mention the offer or present a photo of the campaign on the brand’s social networks. All chain units offer the promotion, but the combo is not available in delivery orders.

Out of the promotion, a unit of the Jr. Ribs For Two, with the side dishes, costs an average of R$ 106. Even though it is a suggested option for couples, unaccompanied people or larger groups can also request the combo. In the second case, the restaurant suggests that the group order the promotional combination in the amount corresponding to the number of people.

The Australian-themed brand belongs to the Bloomin’ Brands group, which opened a new restaurant in São Paulo at the end of last year. This time, the focus of the establishment is fried chicken and serves unusual combinations, such as the bird in the chocolate shell.

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