At 10 a.m. tomorrow the start of operation of the e-EFKA in Attica and in areas of Central Greece


The operation of the Health Committees of KEPA in Attica is postponed for preventive reasons

For the 10 a.m. tomorrow is set to start its operation e-EFKA in Attica and in areas of Central Greece, due to the extraordinary weather conditions, while at the same time the planned Sanitary Committees of KEPA in the Attica region are postponed for preventive reasons.

Specifically, due to the prevailing extraordinary weather conditions, the relevant directives of the General Secretariat of Civil Protection to restrict the movement of residents in areas where strong phenomena are observed (Region of Attica and regional units of Boeotia, Evia, Evrytania and Phthiotida, of the Region of Central Greece) and in view of the protection of workers and citizens, the start of operation of the e-EFKA tomorrow (7/2/2023), as in all public services, was set by the Ministry of the Interior at 10 am. (

In order to avoid inconvenience to the citizens, it is clarified that any appointments with public services scheduled before 10am will not take place – and the public services should inform the concerned citizens in every convenient way about this, and arrange immediately to reschedule a new appointment.

In particular, to protect examinees and members of the Health Committees from the risk of accidents, the scheduled for tomorrow are postponed Health Committees of KEPA in the region of Attica for preventive reasons.

“The scheduled appointments that are postponed will be examined immediately and as a matter of priority in the following days in vaccine committees, and therefore, there is no cause for concern for the insured, who will be informed in time of their new appointment” clarifies e-EFKA in its announcement .


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