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Demis: “The guilty team should be punished, but the three points should be decided on the field”


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His own comment on what led to the postponement of Atromitos-AEK and also what, according to him, should be done from now on, was made by Demis Nikolaidis.

The veteran ace and former president of the “Union” noted, among other things, that in such cases on the one hand the guilty team should be punished (in this case Atromitos), on the other hand the match should be played to win the three points. Of course, for the latter, as he explained, a change in UEFA regulations is also needed.

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Demis added that the difference in the goalposts seemed great and how it is in favor of the defender and against the attacker.

Even setting as an example the phase in PAOK-Olympiakos with his beam James Rodrigueznoted that the problem with the fire pits could turn against AEKsince the “yellow and black” created several opportunities.

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Demi Nikolaidis’ comment on the “Monday FC” show:

Nothing like that has happened to me. I haven’t been to the stadium of Atromitos recently, but the beams were iron which means they don’t come out.

If it is wrong, it is not fixed at that time. I have a question. It shouldn’t be AEK’s job, the goalkeepers might understand because they raise their hands. The pitch must be inspected by the Super League. So the control must be done periodically by some committee to check if it is correct or not. It is not AEK’s job to show it. The difference was big from what I saw. It is for the defender and against the attacker, this thing could have been against AEK too if they had many chances. Why hasn’t Super League checked all the pitches? It may be like that elsewhere. If it is like this for a long time the turf changes, there may be subsidence, the data changes, someone has to control these. If the difference is 1-2 points it is hard to understand but if it is 5-7 it is visible. Digging is not a solution.

The pitches must be checked before the championship and during the championship. A team does not need to be forced to play the detective. If what we have read is true, if you are aggressive the 5 points is a big difference. Hames’ Toumba goal would have gone in. There must also be regulations. This thing should be done ex officio. Super League committee checks on all pitches for everything not just the goalposts.

If something happens, the guilty team must be punished, but to get the three points, I’ve said it before, they have to play on the field. This concerns my own point of view and the regulations – and UEFA’s – must be changed in order to do so.”

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