Blockade on a large quantity of crystal methamphetamine in Patras – Four arrests


The arrest of the traffickers took place on the national road of Patras – Corinth at the time of the delivery-receipt of the drugs

At arrest of four people, two Greeks, one Albanian and one Pakistani, and in the seizure of 5 kilograms of crystal methamphetamine, according to exclusive information of, the police officers of the Narcotics Prosecution Department of Patras Security, in Megara.

The quantity of of drugs was found in a truck who according to the first information started his journey from Germany to Greece. The arrest of the traffickers took place on the National Road of Patras – Corinth at SEA Megaron, at the time of delivery – receipt of the illegal cargo.

To the knowledge of the police officers of the Patras Narcotics Prosecution, information came and at the right moment the operation was set up to arrest the traffickers.

The possibility that the truck entered Greece through the port of Patras is being investigated.

Crystal meth (crystal meth), is a drug that belongs to the same category as cocaine and other strong drugs. It has many slang names such as poor man’s cocaine, meth, crack, chalk or speed which is its most common name. Crystal methamphetamine is used by people of all ages, but its most common use is as a club drug, circulating in nightclubs or rave parties. Its most common slang names are ice or glass.

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