Kos: 74-year-old man in prison for raping his mentally disabled daughter


The 74-year-old during his apology claimed that he raped his daughter only once and that because “the devil had entered him”

In prisons led after the imposition of a total prison sentence of 12 years, by the Joint Jury Court of Kos yesterday, the 74-year-old defendant for the rape of his 50-year-old, mentally disabled daughter.

The 74-year-old was referred to a trial by the will of the Council of Misdemeanors of Rhodes for the offenses of repeated rape and repeated sexual acts between relatives.

Yesterday, the court, accepting the independent claims of the defense attorney Mr. Manos Technitis, changed the charge of rape into sexual abuse of a person weak to resist and kept the offense of sexual intercourse between relatives as it is, imposing on the 74-year-old ten years in prison for the first act and five years in prison for the second, that is, when merged, a total sentence of 12 years in prison with the appeal having no suspensive force.

The court rejected the mitigating factors by a majority that had been requested for the 74-year-old, as well as the request of the defense to serve his sentence at home, due to his age and serious health problems.

However, this request was also rejected and as the appeal has no staying power, the 74-year-old will be sent to prison.

It is worth noting that throughout the trial the 74-year-old was in a bad psychological state and was crying, while during his apology he accepted that everything happened only once and that because “the devil had entered him”that is, as he had stated during his apology to the investigator Rhodes.

According to what has become known, everything started on March 1, 2022 after a complaint was made by the 50-year-old’s brother, who also takes care of her, and after being informed by an employee who, while performing his work, allegedly witnessed what was happening at home the woman’s.

The worker told the 47-year-old brother that on Saturday, February 26, 2022, he saw a man having sexual intercourse with the 50-year-old woman, who had earlier introduced himself to him as her father!

It is worth noting that the 74-year-old Mris accused of raping the 50-year-old his mentally disabled daughter, more than once, which he denies and only accepts when the worker saw them and reported it.

In particular, according to the referral will, from the summer of 2021 to February 26, 2022, the 74-year-old more than once had intercourse with his daughter who suffers from severe mental retardation.

However, both during the preliminary investigation and while apologizing to the investigator Rhodes, accompanied by his lawyer Mr. Manos Technitis, the 74-year-old admitted that he had intercourse with his daughter, but only once.
“It was wrong and I regret my action. I apologize to my whole family and especially to my daughter!

Saying these phrases among others, the 74-year-old apologized, repeating that he recognizes his mistake. He had also stated that nothing had been done with violence to the 50-year-old and in no case has there been another time, apart from the one for which the complaint was made against him.

He himself had referred to the love he had and has for his children, but also to the fact that he had never given them any right in the course of his life.

After the completion of the procedure with the consent of the Rhodes First Instance Prosecutor, the 74-year-old was convicted temporarily detained and was taken to prison, where he will return after the court’s conviction against him.

However, he has already exercised appeal for the case to be heard in the second instance.

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