Vassilis Tsiartas: “Celebration” on twitter after being disowned by his family


First trend on twitter after his “renunciation” by his mother and sister

Vassilis Tsiartas has become the first trend on Twitter after his “renunciation” by his mother and his sister, due to his decision to enter politics with the party of Thanos Tzimeros and Failos Kranidiotis.

In their announcement they state:

“In order to avoid any misunderstanding or confusion and on the occasion of the declared candidacy of Vassiliou Tsiartas of Anastasios, we wish to clarify that, despite our family relationship, we have absolutely no relationship or are going to or want to have with the recently emerged political activity of the above and the his candidacy with a specific political formation.

After all, we never had homophobic, racist or nationalist ideas in our family, but instead we were inspired by democratic, progressive and solidarity ideas, as these were implanted in us by our husband and father Anastasios Tsiartas and his family.

Sincerely, Sophia, widow of Anastasios Tsiartas & Eleftheria Tsiartas of Anastasios”.

“Celebration” on twitter

Naturally, after the announcement, there was a celebration on twitter with users commenting on the ex-footballer’s renunciation.

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