ELAS special operation in Athens to deal with “street crimes” – 20 people were arrested


18 of the 20 arrested are foreigners and after the conclusion of the criminal proceedings the measure of administrative deportation will be applied

In twenty arrests she proceeded Athens Security Sub-Directorateduring a new special operation that took place on the two days of February 9 and 10, 2023, with the aim of dealing with “street crimes”, in the wider area of ​​the center of Athens.

In particular, according to the headquarters of ELAS, the operations were carried out in Agios Panteleimonas, Pagrati, Kypseli, Syntagma and Agios Dimitrios, while the arrests were for the following offences:

– Eighteen foreigners for forgery, forgery of certificates and violation of the legislation on foreigners.

– A fugitive for convictions totaling 41 years and 9 months.

– A person for accepting and disposing of proceeds of crime, as well as dishonesty.

It is noted that in a check carried out at a house in Kypseli, where the two of the arrested foreigners lived, 101 passports of doubtful authenticity, 16 asylum cards, of which 2 were fake, 20 residence permits, were located and confiscated, according to ELAS. of which 12 are fake, 7 international protection applicant cards, 7 driver’s licenses, of which one is fake, 3 identity cards, of which 2 are fake, 6 identity cards issued by foreign authorities, 22 driving licenses issued by foreign authorities, of which 20 fakes, 12 fake identity cards of foreign authorities, 9 fake residence permits of foreign authorities, 1 residence card, 3 cameras, 13 passport-type photos and a number of other documents, such as receipts for monetary transactions, air and ferry tickets.

At the same time, sixteen of the foreigners were arrested in another operation of the Athens Security Sub-Directorate, which was carried out in collaboration with police officers of the Crime Prevention and Suppression Team (OPKE), in an area of ​​Athens.

From the searches in houses and other places, 3 identity cards were found and confiscated, of which 2 were fake, 4 fake identity cards of foreign Authorities, 2 fake passports, 4 asylum cards, of which 3 were fake, a diploma permit and a residence permit for foreigners Authorities, a number of passport-type photographs and various other documents.

For the total of 18 arrested foreigners, after the completion of the criminal proceedings, the measure of administrative deportation will be applied.

Finally, with the aim of combating the use of narcotic substances, on the evening of Friday 10 February, a team of the Athens Security Sub-Directorate with the assistance of OPKE, also carried out checks in night shops of health interest, in the center of Athens. A total of 33 patrons were checked, but nothing criminal was found


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