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The intervention of the president of the Mixed Jury Court of Thessaloniki, where the trial for the murder of Alki Kampanoucaused tension that was caused between civil and defense lawyers, during today’s 8th day of the hearing.

“These expressions are indecent, you do not honor anyone” the president of the court addressed them in a strong tone, calling them to return to class.

There had been another round of confrontation, with personal characteristics, between the lawyers, on the occasion of questions and judgments they formulated during the examination of a police witness. In fact, the court had to adjourn for a while, in order to calm the spirits, with the relatives of the 19-year-old deceased shouting indignantly from the seats of the audience “respect the memory of Alkis and their parents”.

The police witness finished his testimony

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Today’s session began and ended with the testimony of the police witness from the Crimes Against Life Department of Thessaloniki, whose examination was a marathon, since he took the witness stand for the 3rd day. Answering the dozens of – and often repeated – questions from the defense lawyers, the witness was asked to clarify based on the evidence (security cameras, testimonies, genetic material, etc.) the positions and movements of the 12 defendants in relation to the 66 seconds that the murderous episode lasted.

Evaluating the available videos in the case file – which, however, do not capture the entirety of the attack – he removed from the “frame” some defendants in relation to the place where the murder took place, although he added that from this material ” it cannot be proven who, how many and with what hit Alkis and his two friends”.

“They wanted to hit Martians”

He repeated that the purpose of the defendants was “to attack any follower of ‘Aris”, as long as there was a numerical superiority on their part. Referring to the blows received by 19-year-old ‘Alkis and the cause of death (a confluence of injuries to the femoral artery and injuries to the head, according to the forensics), he said that even if it was not for the leg injury “I don’t think there was a possibility for him to survive” . “They wanted to cause damage and the damage is great,” said the same witness, at another point in his testimony, commenting on the method of attack and the weapons used.

Defense request

In the meantime, the defense attorneys submitted a request to call and testify as witnesses the policemen of the Thessaloniki Sports Violence Sub-Directorate who arrived at the scene of the crime, before the arrival of their colleagues from Crimes Against Life. The court reserved an answer as to whether or not the request is satisfied and will rule on it during the course of the proceedings and if this is deemed necessary.

Continue on Thursday

The trial will continue on Thursday when the next witness is scheduled to be examined. This is the driver of the car that was a short distance from the scene of the crime. The particular witness was passing by the scene and his vehicle was found behind the immobilized cars used by the 12 defendants.