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Today, the family of 4-year-old Melina Paraskakis and the anesthesiologist’s defense attorneys, Alexandra Spanakis and Giorgos Steiakakis, appeared before the Seventh Criminal Division of the Supreme Court.

The Department discussed the appeal filed by the prosecutor of the Supreme Court against the decision of the Three-member Misdemeanor Appeal Court of Eastern Crete.

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It is recalled that last November the appellate court rejected as inadmissible due to vagueness the prosecutor’s appeal against the acquittal of the first instance decision for the accused anesthesiologist.

According to the information, Melina’s father, Manos Paraskakis, spoke in the process, who pointed out that “he has confidence in the Justice”.

For their part, the defense attorneys Giorgos Steiakakis and Alexandra Spanaki argued that the appeal filed by the Prosecutor was rightly rejected and that the acquittal decision of the Three-member Misdemeanor Court of Heraklion should remain.

The decision of the Supreme Court is expected in the next period.