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Development Minister Adonis Georgiadis announced changes to the way product prices per unit are displayed in supermarkets, giving supermarkets a one-month deadline to implement the measure.

The measure will apply so that the consumer is not misled, said Mr. Georgiadis.

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From next week there will be 60 categories in the household basket, the minister added.

As for the “Lent Basket”, in addition to the fasting products already present in the household basket, the halvathe fasting saladsand frozen seafoodof which every supermarket should put at least two items in the household basket.

The Minister of Development and Investments Adonis Georgiadis, the Deputy Minister Nikos Papathanasis, the General Secretary of Trade and Consumer Protection Sotiris Anagnostopoulos, the commander of the Inter-Services Market Control Unit (DIMEA) Charalambos Melissinos and the CEO of Warply and responsible for the e-katanalotis platform Yannis Doxaras, will give a press conference today, during which they will announce the addition of new categories to the “Household Basket” and the imposition of fines on supermarket chains for profiteering following DIMEA audits.